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국내/외급 논문분류 연구자 발표지
The prevalence of Baker cyst in relation to the arrangement pattern between… European Radiology
SCI Original Article Han DY, Ryu KN, Park JS, Jin W, Park SY, Yun SJ. 2020;30(3):1544-1553
Interventional treatment of a huge hepatic artery aneurysm as an unusual ca… Int J Gastrointest Interv
SCIE Case Report Se Hwan Kwon1,*, Jehong Yoon1, Seung Yeon Noh1,2, Hyung Joon Ahn3, and Joo Hyeong Oh1 2020;9(1):24-26
Basic Arterial Anatomy and Interpretation of CT Angiography for Intra-Abdom… J Korean Soc Radiol
학진등재 Pictorial Essay Dong Yoon Han, MD1 , Ji Hye Hwang, MD1 , Hye Jin Kang, MD1 , Jehong Yoon, MD1 , Se Hwan Kwon, MD1* , Tae-Seok Seo, MD2 , Joo Hyeong Oh, MD1 2020;81(1):119-134
Incidental Microaneurysms During Microvascular Surgery: Incidence, Treatmen… World neurosurgery
SCI Original Article Sung Ho Lee, Byung Duk Kwun, Jiwook Ryu, Yeongu Chung, Won Joo Jeong, Chang Kyu Park, Kyung Mi Lee, Eui Jong Kim, Seok Keun Choi 2020;133():e149-e155
Psychological Factors that Influence Decision-Making Regarding Trauma-Relat… Scientific reports
SCI Original Article Yeon-Hee Lee, Kyung Mi Lee, Tae Kim, Jung-Pyo Hong 2019;9(1):18728-
Multiple cerebral microbleeds and atypical b-amyloid deposits A case report Medicine
SCI Case Report Jin San Lee, Kyung Mi Lee, Hyug-Gi Kim, Il Ki Hong 2019;98(51):e18296-
Intractable Headache Related to Intraventricular Glioblastoma: A Case Repor… Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology
학진등재 Case Report Dong Yoon Han, Kyung Mi Lee, Hyug-Gi Kim, Eui Jong Kim 2019;80(6):1241-1246
Isolated Trochlear Nerve Palsy in a Patient with Superior Cerebellar Rete M… World neurosurgery
SCI Case Report Yeji Shin, Kyung Mi Lee, Jin San Lee, Eui Jong Kim, Hyug-Gi Kim, Eung Koo Yeon 2019;130():546-549
Neurocircuitry of acupuncture effect on cognitive improvement in patients w… Trials
SCIE Original Article Hyo-Weon Suh, Jieun Kim, Ojin Kwon, Seung-Hun Cho, Jong Woo Kim, Hui-Yong Kwak, Yunna Kim, Kyung Mi Lee, Sun-Yong Chung and Jun-Hwan Lee 2019;20():310-
Life-Threatening Hemothorax Caused by Spontaneous Extracranial Vertebral An… World neurosurgery
SCI Case Report Kwang Seok Han, Kyung Mi Lee, Bum Joon Kim, Byung Duk Kwun, Seok Keun Choi, Sung Ho Lee 2019;130():157-159
Distal versus Proximal Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion: Different Mechanis… Cerebrovascular disease
SCI Original Article Kim Y.S, Kim B.J, Noh K.C, Lee K.M, Heo S.H, Choi H.-Y, Kim H.Y, Koh S.-H, Chang D.-I 2019;1(9):11-17
Improvement diagnostic accuracy of sinusitis recognition in paranasal sinus… Quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery
SCI Original Article Hyug-Gi Kim, Kyung Mi Lee, Eui Jong Kim, Jin San Lee 2019;9(6):942-951
A systemic lupus erythematosus patient with thunderclap headache: reversibl… Lupus
SCI Case Report S W Chung, K M Lee, S H Heo, R Ra, S -J Hong, H -I Yang, S -H Lee, R Song, Y -A Lee 2019;28(7):898-902
Teaching NeuroImages: Cerebrospinal fluid leakage observed from skin after … Neurology
SCI 기타 Sang-Mi Noh, Kyung Mi Lee, and Bum Joon Kim 2019;92(10):e1141-e1142
Radiologic serosal invasion sign as a new criterion of T4a gastric cancer o… 인기글 Abdominal Radiology
SCIE Original Article MW You, SY Park, HJ Kang, DH Lee 2019;():-