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국내/외급 논문분류 연구자 발표지
Does Computed Tomography Have Any Additional Value After Sonography in Pati… J Ultrasound Med
SCI Original Article 구혜수, 김현철, 김상원, 양달모, 박성진, 류정규 2013;32(8):1397-1403
Crohn병의 진단과 질병 활성도, 합병증 평가에 있어서 CT 소장조영술의 횡단영상과 관상영상의 유용성 비교 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Original Article 안성은, 박성진 이동호, 임주원, 문성경, 고영태 2013;68(2):107-115
위석에 의한 십이지장 게실의 천공: 증례보고 (Perforated Duodenal Diverticulum Caused by Bezoar… 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Case Report 이정은, 문성경, 박성진, 임주원, 이동호, 고영태 2013;69(5):373-376
골발울혈증후군 색전술 시술 가이드라인 Korean Society of interventional Radiology
기타 기타 권세환 2013;5(1):19-28
Acute regional myocarditis with normal ventricular wall motion diagnosed by… Korean J Intern Med
학진등재 Case Report Ha SJ, Woo JS, Kwon SH, Oh CH, Kim KS, Bae JH, Kim WS 2013;28(6):732-735
Sonographic Appearance of a Neuroendocrine Tumor Arising in the Axilla: Ca… JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ULTRASOUND
SCI Case Report Hye Soo Koo, MD, Yu-Mee Sohn, MD, PhD, Yong-Koo Park, MD, PhD 2014;42(1):30-32
Carotid Artery Stenting in Patients with Critical Stenosis of Proximal Inte… 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Case Report Jang JH, Kim EJ, Lee KM, Choi WS, Yoon SS, Park KJ 2013;69(6):427-431
Agenesis of a Submandibular Gland with Compensatory Pseudotumoral Hypertrop… J Clincal Ultrasound
SCI Case Report Park SH, Sohn YM, Kim EK 2013;41(11):15-17
Microstructural Change of the Brain in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseas… COPD
SCIE Original Article Ryu CW, Jahng GH, Choi CW, Rhee HY, Kim MJ, Kim SM, Kim EJ, Choi WS 2013;10(1):357-366
Pituitary Stalk Hemangioblastoma in a von Hippel-Lindau Patient : Clinical … J Korean Neurosurg Soc
SCIE Case Report Lee KM, Kim EJ, Choi WS, Kim TS 2013;53(5):297-299
Percutaneous Placement of Self-Expandable Metallic Stents in Patients with … Korean Journal of Radiology (KJR)
SCIE Original Article Hong HP, Seo TS, Cha IH, Yu JR, Mok YJ, Oh JH, Kwon SH, Kim SS, Kim SK 2013;14(5):789-796
Congenital Anomalies of the Coronary Sinus: A Pictorial Essay 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Pictorial Essay Lee JE, Kwon SH, Oh JH 2013;69(1):29-37
Impact of Preoperative Bilateral Whole Breast Sonography in Patients with I… Ultraschall in der Medizin
SCI Original Article Sohn YM, Kim M, KimEK 2013;34(4):359-367
Sonographic Findings of Axillary Masses:What Can Be Imaged in This Space? J Ultrasound Med
SCI Pictorial Essay Park JE, Sohn YM, Kim EK 2013;32(7):1261-1270
Thyroid Nodule with Benign Cytology: Is Clinical Follow-Up Enough? PLOS One
SCIE Original Article Choi YJ, Jung I, Min SJ, Kim HJ, Kim JH, Kim S, Park JS, Shin JH, Sohn YM, Yoon JH, Kwak JY 2013;8(5):6383-0