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국내/외급 논문분류 연구자 발표지
Optimal Duration of Antibiotic Therapy in Patients With Hematogenous Verteb… 인기글 Clinical Infectious Diseases
SCI Original Article Park KH,Cho OH, Lee JH, Park JS, Ryu KN, Park SY, Lee YM, Chong YP, Kim SH, Lee SO, Choi SH, Bae IG, Kim YS, Woo JH, Lee MS 2016;12(7):1262-1269
Amyloid Arthropathy of the Hip Joint Associated with Multiple Myeloma: A Ca… 인기글 Hip Pelvis
학진등재 Case Report Cho YJ, Chun YS, Rhyu KH, Park YK, Ryu KN, Park JS, Huo Liang, Jung GY, Shin WJ 2016;28(2):127-131
Estimation of T2* Relaxation Time of Breast Cancer: Correlation with Clinic… 인기글 Korean J Radiol
SCIE Original Article Seo M, Ryu JK, Jahng GH, Sohn YM, Rhee SJ, Oh JH, Won KY 2017;18(1):238-248
Addition of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis to Full-Field Digital Mammography … 인기글 J Breast Cancer
SCIE Original Article Seo M, Chang JM, Sun Ah Kim, Won Hwa Kim, Ji He Lim, Su Hyun Lee, Min Sun Bae, Hye Ryoung Koo, Nariya Cho, and Woo Kyung Moon 2016;19(4):438-446
Endoscopic Vacuum-Assisted Closure (E-VAC) Treatment in a Patient with Dela… 인기글 Ann Thorac Cardiovasc Surg
SCIE Case Report Hyo Chul Youn, and Se Hwan Kwon 2016;22(6):363-366
Radiologic Placement of Uncovered Stents for the Treatment of Malignant Col… 인기글 Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol
SCIE Original Article Yoon J, Kwon SH, Lee CK, Park SJ, Oh JY, Oh JH 2017;40(1):99-105
Risk Factors for False-Negative and False-Positive Results of Magnetic Reso… 인기글 J Comput Assist Tomogr
SCI Original Article Yun SJ, Sohn YM, Seo M 2016;40(6):928-936
Immunohistochemical Subtypes of Breast Cancer: Correlation with Clinicopath… 인기글 Iran J Radiol.
SCIE Original Article Yu-Mee Sohn, Kyunghwa Han, Mirinae Seo 2016;13(4):1-9
Radiofrequency ablation of benign thyroid nodules: evaluation of the treatm… 인기글 Ultrasonography
학진등재 Original Article Ahn HS, Kim SJ, Park SH, Seo M. 2016;35(3):244-52
Paradoxical development of neovascular glaucoma following carotid angioplas… 인기글 Interventional Neuroradiology
SCIE Case Report Lee KM, Kim EJ, Heo SH, Jin KH. 2016;22(5):540-3
Comparisons of clinical outcomes in patients with and without a preoperativ… 인기글 Medicine (Baltimore)
SCI Original Article Choi SH, Chae EJ, Shin SY, Kim EY, Kim JE, Lee HJ, Oh SY, Lee SM. 2016;95(34):0-4359
Diagnostic performance of abdominal CT for diagnosis of pelvic fractures: c… 인기글 Acta Radiologica
SCI Original Article Yun SJ, Jin W, Yoon SH, Chun YS, Cha JG, Koo HS, Park SY, Park JS, Ryu KN, Lee SH, Shin JS 2016;57(10):1244-1250
Diagnostic Usefulness of Low-Dose Nonenhanced Computed Tomography With Coro… 인기글 Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography
SCI Original Article Yun SJ, Kim HC, Yang DM, Kim SW, Rhee SJ, Shin JS, Ahn SE 2016;40(3):485-492
Communication between the Right and Circumflex Coronary Arteries Discovered… 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Case Report Kwon SH, Kim EJ, Woo JS, Kim SJ, Youn HC, Oh JH 2016;75(3):214-217
중심정맥도관 삽관술 중 발생한 유도철사 및 중심정맥 도관의 체내이동: 원인 및 예방 인기글 대한인터벤션 영상의학회지
기타 Review 권세환, 오주형 2016;1(23):2-9