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국내/외급 논문분류 연구자 발표지
Evaluation of mediastinal lymph nodes in sarcoidosis, sarcoid reaction and … Medicine
SCI Original Article Koo HJ, Kim MY, Shin SY 2015;94(27):1-9
Recurrent syncope associated with idiopathic jugular vein stenosis: Report … Herz
SCI Case Report Jung M, Park SJ, Kim HS, Kim JB, Kim KS, Kwon SH, Oh JH, Kim WS 2015;40(4):722-724
Predictive Factors for Occult Contralateral Carcinoma in Patients with Unil… World J Surg
SCI Original Article Lee YC, Eun YG, Sohn YM, Rhee SY, Hong IK, Chon S, Oh SJ, Kim DY 2015;39(7):1736-1741
Distribution of Epididymal Involvement in Mumps Epididymo-orchitis J Ultrasound Med
SCI Original Article Park SJ, Kim HC, Lim JW, Moon SK, Ahn SE 2015;34(0):1083-1089
발작성 비루 증상이 발현된 외측 연수경색. Korean Journal of Headache.
학진등재 Case Report 조수현, 나부석, 송수진, 송종민, 이도경, 김의종, 박기정. 2014;15(2):74-76
Usefulness of Biphasic Contrast Injection in Multidetector CT of the Head a… 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Original Article JH Lee, CW Ryu, SM Kim, EJ Kim, WS Choi 2012;67(2):85-92
Structural and Functional Changes of Hippocampus in Long Life Experienced T… 대한자기공명의과학회지
학진등재 Original Article MW You, DK Lee, JM Lee, SM Kim, CW Ryu, EJ Kim, GH Jahng 2012;16(2):124-135
Differential Localization of Pain-Related Neural Responses During Acupunctu… Am J Chin Med
SCIE Original Article SK Chang, GH Jahng, SH Lee, IW Choi, CB Choi, WS Choi 2012;40(5):919-936
수부 제1배측골간근 특발성 비후의 초음파 소견 인기글 대한초음파의학회지
학진등재 Case Report 양우진, 이가은, 진욱, 박소영, 황수연, 박지선, 류경남 2013;32(3):193-197
Biceps Femoris Tendon and Lateral Collateral Ligament: Analysis of Insertio… 인기글 J Korean Soc Magn Reson Med
학진등재 Original Article Yun Kyung Shin, Kyung Nam Ryu, Ji Seon Park, Jung Eun Lee, Wook Jin, So Young Park, So Hee Yoon, Kyung Ryeol Lee 2014;18(3):225-231
The Tram Track Sign. A Characteristic Sonographic Feature of Polyethylene L… 인기글 JUM
SCI Original Article Ji Hye Jang, Wook Jin, Young Soo Chun, Kee Hyung Rhyu, So Young Park, Ka Eun Lee, Ji Seon Park, Kyung Nam Ryu 2014;33(11):1931-1937
Evaluation of ACR MRI Phantom Images with SENSE Factors by Using the JPEG20… 인기글 Journal of the Korean Physical Society.
SCI 기타 Lee KB, Lee JH, Kim SY, Lee DW, Choe BY, Choi YB, Sung DW, Park US, Hong SW. 2011;58(5):1178-1183
Radiation Exposure in Diagnostic Areas: Issues and Countermeasures. 인기글 Journal of the Korean Medical Association.
학진등재 기타 성동욱. 2011;54(12):1246-1247
진단용 X-선 촬영시 부가 필터 및 노출의 변화에 따른 피폭선량 및 영상화질 비교 연구. 인기글 대한방사선방어학회지
학진등재 기타 최남길, 성호진, 전주섭, 김윤현, 성동욱 2012;37(1):25-34
단일 늑간신경에서 발생한 양성변성을 동반한 다발성 신경집종증 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Case Report 김건우, 이영경, 김대현, 성동욱 2012;66(3):267-270