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구분 학회명 일시 장소
AOCNR 2018 2018-03-18~2018-03-23 Taipei, Taiwan
[구연] / Functional connectivity correlation of the associative memory in cognitive impairment: A generalized psychophysiological interaction study / 최우석, 류창우, 장건호, 박순찬, 이경미
구연 AOCNR 2018 2018-03-18~2018-03-23 Taipei, Taiwan
[구연] / Perfusion and brain tissue changes in the burning mouth syndrome: A diagnostic value or arterial spin labeling and volumetric MRI / 류창우, 최우석, 이영찬
전시 KSMRM-ICMRI 2018-01-29~2018-01-31 Seoul, Korea
[전시] / Machine Learning based Small Vessel Disease Evaluation System / 이경미, 김혁기, 오장훈, 김미현, 김의종, 최우석, 박순찬, 류창우
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