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2018 논문 게재

논문은 최근 입력 순으로 내림차순으로 정렬되어 있습니다.   | 년도, 권, 호 순 정렬
Growth pattern change of a benign clear cell ‘sugar’ tumor of t... Oncol lett.
SCIE  Case Report  Yeon EK, Kim JI, Won KY, Lee HN
Preliminary Phantom Experiments to Map Amino Acids and Neurotran... Prog Med Phys.
기타  Original Article  Oh JH, Kim HG, Woo DC, Rhee SJ, Lee SY, Jahng GH.
The relationship between microstructural alterations of the brai... Brain Imaging Behav.
SCIE  Original Article  Bahn GH, Hong M, Lee KM, Lee C, Ryu CW, Lee JA, Park S, Kim EJ, Jahng GH.
Rescue Stenting for Failed Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute Isch... Stroke.
SCI  Original Article  Chang Y, Kim BM, Ryu CW et al.
Human Metapneumovirus Infection: Pneumonia Risk Factors in Patie... Transplantation.
SCI  Original Article  Koo HJ, Lee HN, Choi SH, Sung H, Oh SY, Shin SY, Kim HJ, Do KH.
Torsed appendix epididymis in an adult: misdiagnosis as tumor of... J Med Ultrason (2001).
SCIE  Case Report  Yang DM, Kim HC, Kim SW, Kim JS, Won KY.
Towards More Readable and Citable Journal. Neurointervention.
기타  기타  Lee JS, Kim DJ, Ryu CW
Lesions that Mimic Musculoskeletal Infection: A Pictorial Essay J Korean Soc Radiol.
학진등재  Pictorial Essay  Kang HJ, Choi HY, Park JS, Park SY, Jin W, Ryu KN.
Dermatofibroma: sonographic findings and pathologic correlation. Acta Radiol.
SCI  Original Article  Won KY, Park SY, Jin W, Lew BL.
Diagnostic performance of CT-guided percutaneous transthoracic c... Acta Radiol.
SCI  Original Article  Lee HN, Lee SM, Choe J, Lee SM, Chae EJ, Do KH, Seo JB.
A useful method for assessing differences of compensatory hypert... Br J Radiol.
SCI  Original Article  Park BH, Cho KJ, Kim JI, Bae SR, Lee YS, Kang SH, Kim JC, Han CH.
Korean Clinical Imaging Guideline for Hemoptysis. J Korean Soc Radiol.
학진등재  Review  Kang MJ, Kim JW, Kim YK, Lee HJ, Shin KM, Kim JI, Lee HJ, Do KH, Yong HS, Choi SJ, Choi M, Jung JI
Phantom Acupuncture Induces Placebo Credibility and Vicarious Se... Sci Rep.
SCI  Original Article  Makary MM, Lee J, Lee E, Eun S, Kim J, Jahng GH, Kim K, Youn YS, Lee JH, Park K.
Quality Management of Ultrasound Surveillance for Hepatocellular... J Ultrasound Med.
SCI  Original Article  Choi MH, Jung SE, Choi JI, Jeong WK, Kim HC, Kim Y, Kim Y, Park B.
Efficacy of double inversion recovery magnetic resonance imaging... Eur Radiol.
SCI  Original Article  Son YN, Jin W, Jahng GH, Cha JG, Park YS, Yun SJ, Park SY, Park JS, Ryu KN.
The prevalence and characteristics of a subcortical cystic lesio... Acta Radiol.
SCI  Original Article  Son JY, Yoon YC, Jin W, Cha JG
Predictive Factors of Retear in Patients With Repaired Rotator C... AJR Am J Roentgenol.
SCI  Original Article  Shin YK, Ryu KN, Park JS, Jin W, Park SY, Yoon YC.
Clinical Findings and Interventional Treatment of Gastrointestin... J Korean Soc Radiol.
학진등재  Pictorial Essay  Kim HY, Yoon J, Kwon SH, Oh JY, Oh JH.

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