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국내/외급 논문분류 연구자 발표지
Diagnostic Challenge in Rapidly Growing Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis with … Diagnostics
SCIE Case Report Ye Rin Hwang, Kyung Mi Lee, Hyug-Gi Kim, and Kiyong Na 2022;12(2):400-
Single-cell sequencing of PBMC characterizes the altered transcriptomic lan… 인기글 Fontiers in Immunology
SCIE Original Article Nahee Hwang, Yune Huh, Seonghyeon Bu, Kyung Jin Seo, Se Hwan Kwon, Jae-woo Kim1, Bo Kyung Yoon, Hyo-Suk Ahn, and Sungsoon Fang 2022;13():1-18
The Peripheral Immune Landscape in a Patient with Myocarditis after the Adm… 인기글 Molecules and Cells
SCIE Original Article Bo Kyung Yoon, Tae Gyu Oh, Seonghyeon Bu,10, Kyung Jin Seo, Se Hwan Kwon, Ji Yoon Lee, Yeumin Kim, Jae-woo Kim, Hyo-Suk Ahn, and Sungsoon Fang 2022;45(10):738-748
Radiomic models based on magnetic resonance imaging predict the spatial dis… 인기글 Frontiers in Immunology
SCIE Original Article Seung Hyuck Jeon, So-Woon Kim, Kiyong Na, Mirinae Seo, Yu-Mee Sohn, Yu Jin Lim. 2022;13():1-12
Successful Interventional Management of Common Carotid Artery Rupture durin… 인기글 J Korean Soc Radiol
학진등재 Case Report Ye Rin Hwang, MD , Seung Yeon Noh, MD , Se Hwan Kwon, MD* , Joo Hyeong Oh, MD 2022;83(5):1128-1133
Reversed Approach through Lymphocele/Lymphatic Fluid Collection for Glue Em… 인기글 J Vasc Interv Radiol
SCI Original Article Joonho Hur, MD, Saebeom Hur, MD, Ji Hoon Shin, MD, Se Hwan Kwon, MD, Dongho Hyun, MD, and Jehong Yoon, MD 2021;32(2):299-304
Clinical features and radiological differential diagnoses of symptomatic se… 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Pictorial Essay Hyun Gun Kim, Hee Young Choi, Ji Seon Park, Kyung Nam Ryu, So Young Park, Wook Jin 2021;82(1):82-98
Parosteal lipoma associated with a growing osteochondroma of the right iliu… 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Case Report Min Jae Myung, Ji Seon Park, Kyung Nam Ryu, Yong-Koo Park, Myung-Won You, Jong Hun Baek 2021;82(2):462-468
Preoperative meniscus: Pitfalls and traps to avoid. 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Pictorial Essay Yoo HJ, Ryu KN, Park JS, Jin W, Park SY, Kang HJ, Kim HS, K GH 2021;82():e136-
Assessment of postoperative acromial and subacromial morphology after arthr… 인기글 Skeletal Radiology
SCIE Original Article Kang HJ, Park JS, Ryu KN, Rhee YG, Jin W, Park SY 2021;50():761-770
A case of xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis with nephropleural fistula for… 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Case Report Geon Yang Lee, Sung Kyoung Moon, Myung-Won You, Joo Won Lim 2021;82(2):475-480
Recurrence of subepithelial non-muscle invasive bladder cancer following tr… 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Case Report Nokjung Kim, Sung Kyoung Moon, Myung-won You, Joo Won Lim 2021;82(3):715-720
Histogram of kidney stones on non-contrast computed tomography to predict s… 인기글 World J Urol
SCIE Original Article Dong Soo Kim, Sung Kyoung Moon, Sang Hyub Lee 2021; 39(9):3563-3569
The Value of Low Prostate Imaging-Reporting and Data System (PI-RADS) Score… 인기글 Medicina
기타 Original Article Dong-Soo Kim, Sung-Kyoung Moon, Joo-Won Lim, Seung-Hyun Jeon, Sang-Hyub Lee 2021;57(5):413-
Reliability of skeletal muscle area measurement on CT with different parame… 인기글 대한영상의학회지
학진등재 Original Article Dong Wook Kim, Jiyeon Ha, Yousun Ko, Kyung Won Kim , Taeyong Park , Jeongjin Lee , Myung Won You , Kwon Ha Yoon , Ji Yong Park , Young Jin Kee , Hong Kyu Kim  2021;22(4):624-633