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국내/외급 논문분류 연구자 발표지
Direct Cannulation of a Calvarial Diploic Vein for Embolization of a Sympto… 인기글 Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology
학진등재 Case Report Jo JI, Ryu CW, Ko HC, Shin HS 2022;83(3):712-718
Application of High-Frequency Conductivity Map Using MRI to Evaluate It in … 인기글 Frontiers in Neurology
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Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Screening in Mammography (AI-STRE… 인기글 Journal of Breast Cancer
SCIE Original Article Chang YW, An JK, Choi N, Ko KH, Kim KH, Han K, Ryu JK 2022;25(1):57-68
Myelin-Weighted Imaging Presents Reduced Apparent Myelin Water in Patients … 인기글 Diagnostics
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Improving the Performance of Radiologists Using Artificial Intelligence-Bas… 인기글 Korean Journal of Radiology
SCIE Original Article Lee JH, Kim KH, Lee EH, Ahn JS, Ryu JK, Park YM, Shin GW, Kim YJ, Choi HY. 2022;23(5):505-516
Utility of a Deep Learning Algorithm for Detection of Reticular Opacity on … 인기글 American Journal of Roentgenology
SCIE Original Article Kim W, Lee SM, Kim JI, Ahn Y, Park S, Choe J, Seo JB 2022;218(4):642-650
Incidental Thyroid Nodule on Chest Computed Tomography: Application of Comp… 인기글 Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography
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Optimal use of radiotherapy in the definitive treatment of non-bulky IB-IIA… 인기글 PLoS One
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Development and evaluation of a T1 standard brain template for Alzheimer di… 인기글 Quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery
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Added Value of Chemical Exchange-Dependent Saturation Transfer MRI for the … 인기글 Korean journal of radiology
학진등재 Original Article Oh Jang-Hoon, Choi Bo Guem, Rhee Hak Young, Lee Jin San, Lee Kyung Mi, Park Soonchan, Cho Ah Rang, Ryu Chang-Woo, Park Key Chung, Kim Eui Jong , Jahng Geon-Ho 2021;22(5):770-781
Small testes: clinical characteristics and ultrasonographic findings 인기글 Ultrasonography
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Effect of Deep versus Moderate Neuromuscular Blockade on Quantitatively Ass… 인기글 Journal of clinical medicine
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High-frequency conductivity at Larmor-frequency in human brain using moving… 인기글 PLoS One
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