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구분 학회명 일시 장소
전시 AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022 첨부파일 2022-09-20~2022-09-24 Coex, Seoul
(전) Prediction of hemifacial spasm re-appearing phenomenon after microvascular decompression surgery using dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion MRI / 류혜선, 이승환, 김혁기, 박순찬, 류창우, 장건호
구연 AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022 2022-09-22~2022-09-22 Coex, Seoul
(전) Association of carotid atherosclerosis with intracranial atherosclerosis in asymptomatic type 2 diabetes patients based on high resolution vessel wall MRI / 홍서원, 류창우, 장건호, 전지은, 정인경 
구연 AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022 2022-09-20~2022-09-20 Coex, Seoul
(전) Lossy compression of chest radiograph: effect for reproducibility of deep-learning based major thoracic abnormalities detection / 김보경, 김정임, 류창우, 이한나
전시 ASMRM 2022 첨부파일 2022-05-21~2022-05-22 NTU international conference center, Taipei
(전) Myelin Water Changes in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease / 임승현, 김보경, 이학영, 박순찬, 류창우, 장건호  
구연 KSUM 2022 첨부파일 2022-05-12~2022-05-13 Coex, Seoul
(전) A Case of Myxoid Liposarcoma of the Breast: Is it Related to Phyllodes Tumor / 이세진, 류정규
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